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LION Presentations with interesting topics in July
Juni 26, 2006, 2:18 pm
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http://www.innovateonline.info/ – It seems to be a kind of online journal together with offering LION-presentation with great topics – seems worth taking part!

They start in July at noon Eastern (I suppose GMT-3)


Blogs about Business Blogging
Juni 26, 2006, 2:10 pm
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When looking through the links provided – these I want to remember:

Purpose of business blogs (Swedish guy)

Bloggers need a sense of humor

Business blogging – concerns of a business owner

Jonathan Schwartz's blog – CEO Sun

Sun's blog policy

Which of the huge companies does blog?

An American 5 steps/reasons to business blogging 

Skyping about communities
Juni 26, 2006, 1:50 pm
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On Friday I wanted to talk about communities with "somebody".

I looked through my group – 2 persons do not have a profile filed – so I did not know how to get in contact with – 2 others haven't answered my request to be added to Skype … so things became somehow difficult – but Harold helped 🙂

He sent messages to those online and so I managed to talk to Marilyn – the artist – she promised after having brought all her internet stuff in order again (Friday was the first day of being connected – after the storm) to provide some more drawings about our Unworkshop lives.

Both Marilyn and I we liked the Unworkshop quite a lot and would love to join a further community. Marily raised the idea of having a reunion lets say 6 month from now where everybody gives insight about what he/she has done with the Unworkshop knowledge.

Moreover I learnt about the Texas way of live with horses and chuckwagons and HR congresses. 

Juni 26, 2006, 1:33 pm
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I was really impressed by Jay’s creation of his PKM — a wiki site. I was experiencing with the new personalization feature Google offers – but I found it not too easy to customize (at least at the first glance)  – nice was to get all World Cup news on the personalized site.

Juni 19, 2006, 11:51 am
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Tagging seems helpful – and dangerous – to get lost in cyberspace – to click from one link to the other – and two hours later…..

I wonder when I should store my links in a weblog (which I used to do) and when to choose deli.co.us – see here (I enclosed some tagging links from our wiki) Seems to depend on the topic.

I am wondering how to get a personal feed in bozpage. And does anyone have experience – besides the design aspect Jay mentioned – in the comparison of these aggregators (Blogline, superglu )?

Reflections June 13th
Juni 13, 2006, 6:37 pm
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Reflections of June 13th, 06 

I had a look through the slides that did not come through the other day and I – for the first time – experienced the power of syndications within a group  aaaaahhhhh! Through the unworkshop aggregator. I want to try this out within my project. I have practically no experience with blogline or was it superglue?  

Later I saw Marilyn’s drawing of the yesterday session – what an artist! It reminded me of the drawings Gilly Salmon has of the different stages of her model. – Perhaps you should think of changing profession – or didn’t I read your profile not correctly ;-)) 

Then I read through the two recommended articles of Mr. Clark and Mr. Drownes.I wonder if the German speaking educational blogging scene really still is in a very experimental phase or is it just my perception and I just haven’t subscribed the right blogs….I was never aware of the Chinese and the Japanese blogging scene – what are they about – what are their main issues – and in that presentation yesterday they where very strong. I wonder if there are some interesting within the informal learning, web2.0…. scene. 

As a visible step I started to enter personal reflections into my blog – following the hint of being personal to be interesting….. 

Unfortunately until tomorrow there won’t be a internet easily accessible for me – so I wrote my reflections remote….

German: Social Software (SSW) becomes presentable
Juni 13, 2006, 7:53 am
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There is a link to a German site where a consultant of Burton Group gives an interview saying that SSW comes from the consumer market and isn’t widely used so far in the corporate market. And there is potential ..

His vision for 2010 is that a new type of technologies will exist, that understand how systems for groups their relations, interaction and the network that keeps it together will be developed and implemented. These systems will be service oriented, based on meta data and through this will be able to be integrated into work flow and decision finding systems..